1st Future Tech Bootcamp on Blockchain, IoT & AI – Industry Meets Makers and Tech Experts – St. Pölten

Together with different (local) partners, Industry Meets Makers (IMM) launched the next new and so-called “experimental event”, this time in Lower Austria. Within an intensive 4-days development session, makers but also industrials were able to co-create together with the supports of tech experts and it was possible to use innovative tools and infrastructure (e.g. chips, blockchain platforms, electronics laboraroty). The focus here was on new IoT, AI and Blockchain solutions with (real) practical relevance.

A part of the SimpliCITY team presented a slightly improved version of the briefing, which focused mainly on Blockchain (scroll down for more information). Unlike in Schweden, the briefing received less attention by the makers mainly due to missing background information and skills regarding Blockchain.

The format holds nevertheless potential and the SimpliCITY project team will keep an eye on it.