SimpliCITY aims to…

  • scale up and increase the visibility of regional sustainability services (RSUS) by means of a novel platform, aggregating multiple regional sustainability service,
  • raise awareness for a “sustainable city lifestyle” and increase the number of engaged urban citizens by developing methods and tools for nudging a community towards the consumption of RSUS, and,
  • initiate and foster international knowledge transfer and collaboration in scaling Smart City Initiatives.

SimpliCITY results are the conceptualisation, development, testing and dissemination of

  • an integrative participation and incentivisation method and co-design tool-kit (20 lead user/ stakeholder dialogues; urban community of practise)
  • the proof-of-concept for a digital marketplace for aggregation of 20 RSUS in the field of bike mobility, local consumption and digital inclusion which are technologically enhanced with intelligent incentivisation functionalities and reward mechanisms (2 pilot demonstrations)
  • a newly established “smart city learning network” for exchanging experience on participation, rewarding and crowd-sourcing methods and innovation scaling activities (policy recommendations).

Target Groups