25th to 28th of June, 2019

1st Future Tech Bootcamp on Blockchain, IoT & AI – Industry Meets Makers and Tech Experts – St. Pölten

Together with different (local) partners, Industry Meets Makers (IMM) launched the next new and so-called “experimental event”, this time in Lower Austria. Within an intensive 4-days development session, makers but also industrials were able to co-create together with the supports of tech experts and it was possible to use innovative tools and infrastructure (e.g. chips, blockchain platforms, electronics laboraroty). The focus here was on new IoT, AI and Blockchain solutions with (real) practical relevance.

A part of the SimpliCITY team presented a slightly improved version of the briefing, which focused mainly on Blockchain (scroll down for more information). Unlike in Schweden, the briefing received less attention by the makers mainly due to missing background information and skills regarding Blockchain.

The format holds nevertheless potential and the SimpliCITY project team will keep an eye on it.

28th and 29th of March, 2019

2nd SimpliCITY Consortium Meeting – Uppsala

5 month after the Kick-off, the complete SimpliCITY project team got together to speak about past, present and future, about objectives, workloads, responsibilities, progress, etcetera.

Besides the meeting, the project team developed and presented a challenge for the Sustainability Hackathon, which took place in Uppsala on Friday (29th). Three of the hacker groups present there were interested in the challenge and worked on it.

And guess what! One of these teams won the overall hackathon by presenting a solution to a SimpliCITY relevant topic! 🙂

26th of March, 2019

#IMMgoesSOUTH-Kick-off @ DeepTech4Good – Graz

After the successful presentation of the Industry Meets Makers (IMM) briefing at the Grand Garage in Linz (see below), a part of the project team was also at the kick-off event in Graz. In front of international DeepTech start-ups as well as other interested parties, all IMM industry partners presented their briefings and answered arising questions.

Later this afternoon, the SimpliCITY team had the opportunity to present in a nutshell the briefing in front of the members of the Infinion hackathon (experts in areas like blockchain, IoT, sensor technologies).

For more information check https://www.industrymeetsmakers.com/#home

21st of March, 2019

#IMMgoesWEST Kick-off – Linz

The Grand Garage in Linz was the perfect location for the Industry Meets Makers (IMM) initiative. Together with Polycular, Salzburg Research presented the briefing (challenge), which is based on SimpliCITY (Strengthening sustainable and integrative urban services through incentive, nudging and reward systems based on blockchain technology/DLT).

The makers have then the possibility to get in contact with one of the partners and work on this challenge. Under continuous support from our side, a prototype is presented at the final event in November and hopefully fruitful results are waiting for us.

For more information check https://www.industrymeetsmakers.com/#home

11th to 13th of February, 2019

JPI Making Cities Work projects kick-off meeting – Brussels

As SimpliCITY is one of the projects funded in the Making Cities Work call, we were invited to a joint kick-off meeting into the heart of Europe!

Part of the SimpliCITY team presented the project and discussed with other project managers common challenges and ideas.
Very inspiring and well-organised event!

28th of November, 2018

1. Radhaus:Dialog – event held by the City of Salzburg – Salzburg

In six topic-specific working groups, problems, but also already functioning solutions for the bike, were discussed and written down. Altogether, around 80 people joined the event. A part of the SimpliCITY team was present as guests and contributed actively.

15th and 16th of October, 2018

SimpliCITY Kick-Off – Salzburg

The project has started successfully!
The kick-off took place in Salzburg and brought together all project partners for the first time. After welcoming words and the official opening by Dr. Siegfried Reich (CEO of Salzburg Research), the project partners got to know each other and started with project work. In the afternoon, a co-creation session with SimpliCITY stakeholders, service providers, initiatives and associations was held.