SimpliCITY will attempt to raise the low usage rate of regional (smart) sustainability services by developing a hybrid approach, which applies both physical
and digital participation and incentivisation methods and tools, for nudging a community towards those services.

Based on the scientific interdisciplinary knowledge of behavioral science, change management, human-centered design and business model innovation the project aims to identify the latest evidence-based approaches on:

  • physical and digital methods for citizen participation, incentivisation or crowd-sourced reward mechanisms,
  • which will motivate citizens to use smart regional sustainability services and
  • will empower them to change their mobility, consumption or social integration patterns.

The benefits and success factors of the different incentivisation mechanisms will be identified, analysed and described on the bases of European and global best practises. Based on a criteria set, target-group oriented stakeholderdialogues will jointly select and match the most apt and suitable technology-enhanced incentive mechanisms for their regional sustainability services. The selected incentivisation and reward mechanisms will be integrated into the novel SimpliCITY marketplace for smart regional sustainability services.

The project will develop, test, evaluate and demonstrate this new approach in two pilot cities, Salzburg (Austria) and Uppsala (Sweden).