The SimpliCITY project pursues the following three objectives with a focus on bike mobility, local consumption as well as products and (digital) social inclusion,

1) Scaling up and increase the visibility of regional
sustainability services and initiatives (RSUS) by means of a novel platform (a website and an App), aggregating multiple RSUS,
2) Raising awareness for a sustainable city lifestyle and increase the number of engaged urban citizens by developing
methods and tools for nudging a community towards the consumption of regional sustainability services, and
3) Initiating and fostering international knowledge transfer and collaboration in scaling smart city initiatives and
envisages the achievements set out below.

SimpliCITY uses motivational approaches, nudging approaches and gamification approaches in the context of promoting a C02-friendly, sustainable lifestyle in the city by increasing the active mobility, cycling behaviour and the use of often unknown local services (such as offers of waste services, resident services,…) which will be scientifically tested and evaluated.

At the same time, the project aims to initiate and promote the international transfer of knowledge on the topic of “digitalisation in cities”.