SimpliCITY featured at Urban Europe Lunch Talk

28.05.2021 from 1pm – 2pm: Urban Lunch Talk #18: 15-minute cities – Do’s, don’ts and dilemmas
On May 28, SimpliCITY took part in the Urban Europe Lunch Talk on 15-Minute Cities with 130 participants. Guntram Geser of Salzburg Research presented the approach and results of the project. SimpliCITY promotes a sustainable city lifestyle supported by services with a focus on bicycling, local consumption and social inclusion.
The panelists had to address dilemmas of 15-Minute Cities and what to do and avoid in developing such city areas, which should offer within a 15-minute walk or bicycle ride what is needed for everyday life. From SimpliCITY came the dilemma of chosing between „soft“ and „hard“ measures when urban challenges require behavioural changes of citizens.
SimpliCITY suggests that cities use (soft) nudges to steer citizens towards a sustainable lifestyle, for example, bicycling instead of using the car. However, they should not avoid (hard) regulations where necessary, e.g. restrict car use in 15-Minute Cities areas. Presentation