Rad:Dialog Salzburg: What gets you on your bike?

What gets you on your bike? How do I get a cargo bike or wheel trailer transport? Which cycle path construction measures are planned for the coming year?

Based on the results of the Rad:Dialog 2018, these and many other questions will be discussed and reflected with the people of Salzburg. Five dialogue stations will be available for this purpose, which all participants can go through. Variety and information will be provided, as well as a small buffet at the end.

The incentive methods developed in the SimpliCITY project, which aim to motivate more people to cycle, will be discussed at one of the stations together with the contents of the project “Bicycle Observatory” . We want to validate the previous findings and learn from the people of Salzburg:

What gets you on your bike? What can others learn from you?

When? Tuesday, 5 November, 6 p.m.
Where? TriBühne Lehen, Tulpenstraße 1, 5020 Salzburg

We are pleased about your participation and ask for registration under: informationszentrum@stadt-salzburg.at